The company

Wespro was founded in 2007 and is operating in Sydney, Australia. We deliver contracting and consulting services around delivery of Digital Transformation, Robotics and training. We apply agile / lean practices where applicable.


To support companies in becoming more successful developing and operating products and services


We offer contracting and consulting services within project delivery, applying Agile/Lean tools and principles.

We work with companies to optimise their processes (and product offerings)

We develop information products as a complement to our other services

Supporting Scandinavian companies

With our Swedish heritage we have a particular interest in working with Scandinavian companies establishing in the Australian region.

What we do

Project Management

Program and Project Management on a contracting basis, using methodologies suitable to your needs. Whether the best approach is Agile, Scrum or KanBan, or Waterfall we can provide experienced PMs to deliver your project to completion.

Change Management

Work process and work place/space changes, Office relocation and a change to Activity Based Working. Business Transformation including Communications, Training, Data migration and more to ensure a successful change.

Office Relocations

Successfully managing change of move to a new office environment by early engagement with staff, management, designers and builders. Experience of moving to an Activity Based Working type environment.


With experience from Robotics, we offer prototyping, including 3D CAD design, 3D Printing capabilities, Mechatronics and Software development. We can also prototype user interfaces.

Who we are

Niclas Westling

Niclas Westling


Niclas has over 20 years experience in delivering ICT projects through various industries. He is a strong advocate of applying agile principles to reduce project risks, bring value to market quicker and to focus on business value.

Fred Westling

Fred Westling

B.E, B.Sc. Director & Robotics Consultant

Fred is a recent graduate, B.Sc Computer Science and B.E Mechatronics, and our Principal Robotics Consultant. He has extensive experience in organising Robotics competitions and events through the FIRST organisation, as well as designing, programming and building robots.

Susanna Westling

Susanna Westling


Susanna specialises in Change Management – especially with Work process and Work place changes, including Office relocations and transferring into an Activity Based Working environment. She uses her excellent communications skills to ensure stakeholders are satisfied with the outcome and employment engagement are maximised for the business to return to business as usual soon after a relocation or process change.
Project Management and Business Process improvements are other areas where she excels and combine these skills.
Working in an open, positive and diverse environment with international connections truly brings out her positive energy.
Her background is in the Airline and Construction industries and she is always looking for ways to improve business processes to ensure resources are used efficiently and satisfactory for all involved.